18th EAUN Congress left a really good impression on Kosovar nurse

The 18th International EAUN Meeting held in London was the first EAUN congress I attended and has really left a good impression on me.

I have attended most of the sessions which were all organised very well and took up very good topics. All sessions were comprehensive but I selected those with topics that complemented my daily practice. I have skipped the sessions with robotic themes since these technologies are not available in my country. The sessions I attended tackled topics such as nursing solutions in difficult cases, challenges with urine incontinence, acute and chronic kidney failure, urology nurse as patient advocate, rare cases and diseases in urology, stoma care of a patient with trisomy and autistic tendencies, and challenges in testicular cancer, among others.

I was impressed for example by the session Nursing solutions in difficult cases, where we watched and discussed various presentations about nursing practice in atypical or difficult cases. It was a good way for us as delegates to learn from each other’s experience, so that it will be easier to deal with our own similar difficult cases. And another topic ‘Challenges in testicular cancer‘ which was beneficial for us nurses because we received a lot of information about testicular cancer care, the importance of supporting men at key stages of their disease, as well as ethical challenges that health professionals face with those patients, and much more.

The discussions after each session were very useful because at that time especially issues were discussed that we encounter in daily practice associated with the presentations made.

I now have already returned to work in the hospital where I am employed and I immediately started to discuss with my colleagues some of the topics presented in EAUN. It is very convenient that we have the material in CDs, online and in printed materials so I have the opportunities to read them again with my colleagues.

The congress organisers should be congratuated with the good organisation of the sessions with sufficient time for breaks. Also it was a good idea to take some photographs with the group of people who have received a financial grant, which gave us the opportunity to become acquainted, get to know each other and exchange contacts, which will hopfully result in future cooperation.

I hope that in future meetings me and my colleagues will be able to participate actively with a paper from Kosovo.

This year I was the only nurse representing Kosovo and also surrounding states like Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. Hopefully more nurses from our region will be able to attend in Copenhagen at EAUN18.

Lastly, I would like to thank EAUN for the financial support that you have allocated to me!

Sami Muqaj, Regional Hospital Prizren, Dept. of Urology, Prizren (KO),