EAUN18 in London: Practical lessons and key insights

I would like to extend my thanks to both the EAUN and Astellas for sponsoring my attendance to the 18th EAUN International Meeting in London. I have previously attended the EAU and EAUN congresses several times and have seen a growing number of participants and a higher level of involvement from nurses across Europe.

The congress in London has offered a wide range of information and many training opportunities. I have not only attended lectures and poster sessions, but also honed my technical skills as a surgical nurse by joining hands-on training and other courses organised by the European School of Urology (ESU). It was a privilege while at the EAUN congress to obtain the latest training and urological knowledge from some of the most well-known and respected doctors and nurses.

Although I am an experienced urological nurse and have worked with some of Europe’s most respected stone experts, I decided to participate in ESU Course 29 on Flexible Ureterorenoscopy and Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery: Instrumentation, Technique, Tips, Tricks and Indications. I was completely surprised as to what I have gained from this course which provided useful insights with regards my daily hospital tasks at our surgery ward in Denmark. Additionally, I had the opportunity to network with one the speakers and arranged a future visit to his department to observe and learn a technique that is not yet practiced in our hospital. Certainly, my expectations about this course were completely fulfilled.

My department is establishing a robotic department and I am one of the fortunate surgical nurses who will be part of the team. Thus, the ESU/ERUS-EAUN01: Hands-on Training Course in Robotic Skills and Communication (Introductory Course for Nurses) was another obvious choice for me during the congress. I did not know what to expect, but the course was very organised and the use of the training simulators was excellent. I worked in a team with a very experienced doctor and we learned about the crucial importance of communication when conducting robotic surgery. The instructors, including an experienced nurse from Sweden, were not only well-informed but were also effective in highlighting key points combined with humour. Once again, I took the opportunity to link-up with other professionals working in this field.

All in all, the EAUN congress was an outstanding meeting that delivered knowledge and helped me boost my technical skills. I am now preparing a conference report to share with my colleagues the practical lessons I have learned. I certainly look forward to EAU18 and the EAUN Meeting next year in Copenhagen!

Janice Kirkegaard-Jensen, Lillebælt Hospital, Dept. of Surgery, Fredericia (DK),