Registration Hands-on Training ‘Robotic skills and communication’ for Nurses open

Hands-on Training ‘Robotic skills and communication’

We are happy to announce that this year for the first time, with support of the ESU and the ERUS, we have been able to organise a Hands-on Training on Robotic skills for nurses.

  • The course will take place in London on Monday, 27 March 2017.
  • This course is meant for novice and experienced nurse delegates
  • Registration is limited to 8 nurses per course.

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Robotic skills and communication – Introductory course

Course coordinators:  Linda Søderkvist, Stockholm (SE), Simon Borg, Msida (MT)

Tutors:  Maya Bloch, Cleveland (USA) (3D Systems), Andreas Koch, Hamburg (DE) (Mimic Technologies), Alexandre Thouroude, Montpellier (FR) (STAN Institute)

Venue:                         ExCel London, Room Asia 

Date:                            Monday, 27 March


ESU/ERUS-EAUN HOT Course 01:     09.15 – 10.45

ESU/ERUS-EAUN HOT Course 02:    11.00 – 12.30


Aims and Objectives

The European Association of Urology Nurses (EAUN) offer an introductory hands-on training course in robotic skills and communication for nurses. Robotic surgery is demanding teamwork more than most other kinds of surgery. To work as a team it is necessary to know and understand the work of the team members. Due to the location of the surgeon, communication is a vital aspect of the success.

EAUN will provide training using simulators and roll play to introduce you to the required psychomotor skills and to more effective communication. This course will offer an opportunity to discover the challenges and difficulties encountered in the console performing robotic surgery.

The main aims of this 90 minute course are testing and improving your psychomotor skills, and gaining an understanding of the requirements of a remote console surgeon and the assistant using the simulator for team training working in pairs.

This course is meant for novice and experienced nurses.


  • Registration is limited to 8 nurses per course.
  • Registration fee € 31,20 (incl. VAT)
  • To register for this HOT Course please send an e-mail to with your name,  registration number, and your preference for HOT Course 01 or 02.

See you in London!

Corinne Tillier

Chair EAUN Scientific Committee

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