Hands-on Training Courses for Nurses

At the 18th International EAUN Meeting, there are 2 recommended Hands-on Training Courses.

The following 2 Hands-on Training Courses (HOTs) are recommended for nurses:

  • EAUN Hands-on Training in Robotic skills and communication – Introductory courses: Monday 27 March, 9:15 – 10:45 hrs  (HOT 50)
    Monday 27 March, 11:00 – 12:30 hrs (HOT 51)
  • ESU/ESFFU Hands-on Training in Sacral neuromodulation procedure standardisation, Sunday 26 March, 9:30 – 11:00 hrs (HOT 19)
    Sunday, 26 March, 11:30 – 13:00 hrs (HOT 20)

If you have not registered for EAUN17 yet, please visit the Registration website to register for the meeting and the HOT Courses.
If you already registered for EAUN17 and would like to register for one of the abovementioned HOTs, please send an e-mail to the Registration Department.

It is also possible to register for all other EAU HOT Courses. For course descriptions please visit the EAU Congress website.


EAUN Hands-on Training in Robotic skills and communication – Introductory course

EAUN offers an introductory hands-on training course. We will provide training using simulators. Performing efficient robotic assisted surgery requires psychomotor skills, where cognitive functions and physical skills such as coordination and fine and precise movements of the robotic instruments are vital for a safe surgical procedure. This course will offer an opportunity to discover the challenges and difficulties encountered in the console performing robotic surgery. The main aims of this 90 minute course are testing and improving your psychomotor skills in robotic surgery using simulators, and gaining an understanding of the requirements of a remote console surgeon and the assistant using the simulator for team training working in pairs.

Aims and objectives
• Obtain an understanding of the role of a console surgeon.
• Test and improve your psychomotor skills required in the console by performing various exercises and experience parts of a surgical procedure in the simulator.

Target audience
Novice and experienced nurses and operating room nurses curious to learn more of the fundamentals of robotic surgery and the skills required in the console.


ESU/ESFFU Hands-on Training in Sacral neuromodulation procedure standardisation

A practical Hands-on Training course that will allow the participants to practice on models the different steps of performing sacral neuromodulation including primary percutaneous nerve evaluation, tined lead and battery implantation and programming and also troubleshooting.

Aims and objectives

  • Understand the indications for SNM
  • Be able to perform the different steps of the procedure in a standardized format
  • Be able to troubleshoot problems with SNM

Target audience
Doctors, Nurses, technicians and clinical scientists who have little or no knowledge of sacral neuromodulation.