Exploring patients' lack of engagement with structured education

State-of-the-art Lecture 3

  • Location:
    Room 4, Capital suite (level 3)
  • Chair:
     L. Van De Bilt-Sonderegger, Eindhoven (NL)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    This session offers insight into the development of structured education to manage chronic conditions and the barriers and facilitators that are faced when introducing this model of education. It hoped that by sharing the learning experience of colleagues within the diabetes world who have been grappling with the issue for over 10 years, delegates may be able to translate the learnings and avoid many of the pitfalls experienced along the way.

Lessons from diabetes care
 D. Chaney, London (GB)
Aims and objectives of this presentation

The aim of this lecture is to build awareness of the successes and challenges of Structured Diabetes Education (SDE) programmes in the UK.

Following the presentation those attending will be able to:
– Describe the historical development of structured diabetes education in the UK.
– Understand the challenges faced when introducing a SDE programme.
– Discuss potential facilitators to assist with development and introduction of a SDE programme.
– Utilise the knowledge gained and apply it to the development of similar programmes for people experiencing urological disorders.