Illiteracy and health literacy in patients

State-of-the-art Lecture 6

  • Location:
    Room 4, Capital suite (level 3)
  • Chair:
     J. Verkerk-Geelhoed, Gouda (NL)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    This session addresses the impact of illiteracy on health outcomes. What can be done about this with specific materials?

Health literacy: Are all patients equal for understanding the standard information given?
 M.R. Van Balken, Arnhem (NL)
Aims and objectives of this presentation

– to enlighten the audience on the problem of illiteracy
– to highlight the consequences of illiteracy on healthcare
– Example: the financial burden of health illiteracy
– Example: unequal initial presentation, outcome of therapy, complication and mortality rates
– to illustrate the problem with urological examples
– to show the audience how to recognize illiterate patients
– to give examples of what can be done to lessen the problem