Specialist nursing and nursing specialists: Are they the same and why should we care?

Plenary Session

  • Location:
    Room 4, Capital suite (level 3)
  • Chair:
     S. Terzoni, Milan (IT)
Welcome to the 18th International EAUN Meeting
 S. Terzoni, Milan (IT)
Welcome to London
 C.R. Chapple, Sheffield (GB)
Welcome by BAUN
 J. Taylor, Manchester (GB)
Advancing urological practice: Challenges from the literature?
 J.T. Marley, Newtownabbey (GB)
Nurse-led clinic for men with suspected prostate cancer: An exemplar of practice
 P. Aslet, Basingstoke (GB)
Aims and objectives of this presentation

To explore the potential role of the specialist nurse in seeing men with suspected prostate cancer.
To review intended benefits of integrated nurse led clinics in this setting.
To identify any risks of nurses reviewing patients with suspected prostate cancer.
To understand the challenges faced when changing the way care is delivered.
How to ensure standards of care maintained.