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The EAUN: An analysis of what differentiates current members from non members
 P. Allchorne, London (GB)
The clinical outcomes of patients with urinary retention managed with clean intermittent catheterization
 H.Y. Luk, Hong Kong (HK)
Evaluate the outcome of developing a clinical pathway on male acute urinary retention in the AED and Urology Centre
 S.L. Ng, Hong Kong (HK)
Audit of One Stop Haematuria clinic in a Dublin Hospital over 1 year - 2016
 M. O'Brien, Dublin (IE)
Surgical treatment of BPH: Nursing evolves with new techniques?
 I. Zordan, Cuneo (IT)
Use of WeChat Intelligent Terminal for improving follow-up rate of patients after radical cystectomy
 X. Li, Chongqing (CN)
Patient involvement in ERAS treatment program: Patient diary after radical cystectomy
 M. Ronge, Oslo (NO)
Pre surgical health and well being clinic for men undergoing robotically assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (RALP)
 J. Billing, Exeter (GB)
Guidelines for care and treatment for patient with macroscopic haematuria
 N. Hageman, Stockholm (SE)