Urology nurses: Demonstrating our worth to the people who matter

Thematic Session 15

  • Location:
    Room 1, Capital suite (level 3)
  • Chair:
     F. Geese, Berne (CH)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    Nurses, in general, are poor at demonstrating the value of the service we offer to society and to those who pay for health services in particular. A website like helps to assist nurses to develop some skills to have a better voice to explain and advocate for the service we offer.
    This session will present 2 different perspectives on how we as nurses can support and influence each other to become a stronger voice.

Valuing what we do, so that we can do what we value
 A. Leary, London (GB)
Recognition of urology nurses in the south of Europe
 T. Santos, Barreiro (PT)
Aims and objectives of this presentation

The aim of this presentation is to provide a perspective about the main activities and responsibilities of an urology nurse in the south of Europe, particularly in Portugal. The current reality of nursing education in Portugal will also be introduced.

Questions and answers